We have several primary focus points that ensure success during the construction phase of a project: communication, quality control, schedule and budget.  Our charge is to ensure that each team member is aware of any change in schedule or budget and that each team member has a full understanding of their role and influence on the schedule and budget.


We maintain appropriate levels of communication through weekly meetings and correspondence via Internet, phone and fax.

Quality Control

Our Quality Control mechanisms are largely a function of our staff’s extensive construction experience.

Off site Management-

We have the ability to create a variety of project specific tools to track costs, change orders, communication, shop drawings, submittals, RFI’s and  any other function related to our management of the project.

On site Management-

To ensure the highest level of quality in our product, our Project Managers schedule comprehensive job site inspections  and inspect the job on a daily basis.


Schedule plays a large role in the financial success of a project.  We consistently update our construction schedule to reflect changes.  Schedules are distributed to each subcontractor involved on the project to ensure that each team member understands their responsibilities in both the short and long term.


We feel our primary obligation to the owner is to meet our budget.  We take this responsibility very seriously and work diligently to control costs throughout the project.  We feel the best way to control cost is to have a full understanding of what they are and what has been spent to date.  As such, we provide an updated budget and cost-to-complete schedule at each and every monthly project meeting to the owner.  We hold project meetings with project management staff to discuss the budget and forecasts so that we can appropriately plan and make adjustments if needed.   It has been our experience that a full command of the budget can only be achieved through continual monitoring and cost accounting.  Our company culture demands an attention to detail and an understanding that our primary responsibility is to control costs for the owner.

Change Order Policy

Our change order policy is that payment is made only for work that is pre-approved by an owner.