100% of our subcontracts are awarded through a competitive process, the majority of which are a bid.  We can demonstrate this process through our success on projects we have bid as an organization and through our long list of municipal projects, which are required by law to be competitive in nature.

Our bid process is as follows:

Once a preliminary budget is established that is economically achievable for the owner, the project will be bid out to a minimum of three subcontractors per division or trade. Prior to the bid, our firm evaluates the work to be completed in each trade and organizes each division bid package accordingly.  Instructions are provided for each division or work zone to ensure that our bidders understand what is being requested of them and to make bids easier to evaluate.  We currently maintain a subcontractor database of over 500 pre-qualified local and regional subcontractors and vendors from which to solicit bids for your project and are more than willing to review and receive bids from preferred subcontractors of other members of the team. Because we perform commercial and residential work, we are able to leverage more effectively to obtain better pricing.  In addition, our extensive mountain experience has allowed our firm to develop a rigorous pre-qualification process for subcontractors that ensures that the client receives the greatest value for their dollar.  The majority of subcontractors we work with reside in El Dorado & Douglas County and the surrounding areas.  Among these, we have over 300 that we have worked with over the past 10 years, and many within those that we work with on a regular basis.

Included in the bid instructions are checklists for every major trade.  After receipt of the bids, our staff prepares a comprehensive comparative spreadsheet to ensure that cost quotations are being compared “apples-to-apples”. Our staff will provide the team with recommendations on subcontractor selections, after which a final stipulated sum will be established for the project.

Please note that we have employees with experience in a variety of trades including carpentry, foundation waterproofing, concrete sealing and concrete forming, but ultimately the decision to subcontract or not will be made based on the relevant economics and scheduling constraints.